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(Selling Bats and Balls is an inherent Conflict Of Interest!!!)

Bomani Sports Research (formerly B&N Softball, Inc.) was started to open up the debates raging over softball equipment for the last several years and we decided to do a little searching on our own as to the truths behind much of the hype that is now associated with the sport. To that end, we decided to put together the Bomani Sports Research web page in order to present some of the technical details that we have uncovered and provide the ONLY Independent website that combines both quantitative and qualitative information on just about every bat and ball in the sport. In addition to analyzing bats and balls, we write scientific articles unique to the sport of softball.
The information that Bomani Sports Research provides has been documented to have been used by more than 1 million players worldwide and is an excellent source for independent information regarding the sport of softball.

The most important thing about our website is that we don't accept FREE bats or balls from any company in exchange for a favorable ranking, classification or review. We buy each and every bat that we test at Bomani Sports Research in order to maintain our independence and integrity. We have never and will never accept money from any bat or ball company.

100% of membership fees go into maintaining our internet site, bat and ball testing as well as hitting clinic visits to states where we have the most members.

Welcome to the Official BSRSA Bat and Ball Ranking System
Over 200 bat models are RANKED : (recommended or not recommended) and CLASSIFIED : (composite multi-wall, titanium multi-wall, aluminum multi-wall or aluminum single-wall) for SAFETY on our site.  All current 2014 bats all the way back to 1997 have a safety ranking associated with them.  If a bat comes on the market during the year, it will be immediately ranked based on the BSRSA Safety Index.  We also have over 130 ball models RANKED : (recommended or not recommended) listing compression values that can be used to determine SAFE levels of play for your league...
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Dr. Mark McDowell,  Ph.D., MBA - CFO, BOMANI, Inc.

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