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Sofball Injury Risk Article!!!
 A performance and injury risk assessment study analyzing composite-based and wood-based softball bats.
Dr. Mark McDowell, Dr. Michael V. Ciocco and Dr. Richard Zeller
Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications:
 *Ciocco, M. and McDowell, M. (2008). “Evaluation of the Risk of Batted-Ball Injury for Slow-Pitch Softball Pitchers”.  Proc. IMechE, Part P: J. Sports Engineering and Technology, 2008, 222(P1), 37-43.

* McDowell, M and Ciocco, M. (2006). "A Pitcher Injury Risk Assessment Study Analyzing Composite, Titanium, Aluminum and Wood Softball Bat Performance". European Journal of Sport Science. Vol. 6(3):155-162.

* McDowell, M. and Ciocco, M.  (2005). "A Controlled Study On Batted-Ball Speed And Available Pitcher Reaction Time For The Sport Of Slowpitch Softball". Br J Sports Med.  39(4):223-5.  [link]

*McDowell, M, Ciocco, M. and Morreale, B. (2005). "A Composite Softball Bat Revolution: Why the Pitcher has Little Time to React to a Batted-Ball". The Sport Journal Vol. 8(1) .  [Link]

* McDowell, M. (2004). "Assessment of Softball Bat Safety Performance Using Mid-Compression Polyurethane Softballs". Sports Biomechanics Vol. 3(2) 185-194.

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